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Get all GPO deployed Printers with PowerShell

As a follow up to my last post on GPP, and per request on Technet, I’ve now created Another script to make inventory of all printers in a domain deployed with GPO (both GPP and Deployed Printers). It can be a pain to use those settings some times, here you have a way to make inventory of them at least. 🙂
Just like the other one it’s based on the GroupPolicy PowerShell-Module which works from 2008R2 and up.

See below screenshots on how to run the script and what output you get. (similiar to the GPP Drive maps output)
2014-01-07 19-25-35
2014-01-07 19-26-04

If you want to export all printer information to a csv file, use below row.

.\Get-GPOPrinters.ps1 | select printerpath,gpotype,gponame,FilterGroup  | Export-Csv c:\printers.csv -NoTypeInformation


The script finds all shared printers deployed with GPO (both deployed printers GPP.) in your domain. 
           File Name: Get-GPOPrinters.ps1     
           Author   : Johan Dahlbom, johan[at]dahlbom.eu     
           The script are provided “AS IS” with no guarantees, no warranties, and it confer no rights. 
           Blog     : 365lab.net
#Import the required module GroupPolicy
Import-Module GroupPolicy -ErrorAction Stop
throw "Module GroupPolicy not Installed"
        $GPO = Get-GPO -All

        foreach ($Policy in $GPO){

                $GPOID = $Policy.Id
                $GPODom = $Policy.DomainName
                $GPODisp = $Policy.DisplayName
                $PrefPath = "\\$($GPODom)\SYSVOL\$($GPODom)\Policies\{$($GPOID)}\User\Preferences"

                    #Get GP Preferences Printers
                    $XMLPath = "$PrefPath\Printers\Printers.xml"
                    if (Test-Path "$XMLPath")
                         [xml]$PrintXML = Get-Content "$XMLPath"

                                foreach ( $Printer in $PrintXML.Printers.SharedPrinter )

                                    {New-Object PSObject -Property @{
                                        GPOName = $GPODisp
                                        PrinterPath = $printer.Properties.Path
                                        PrinterAction = $printer.Properties.action.Replace("U","Update").Replace("C","Create").Replace("D","Delete").Replace("R","Replace")
                                        PrinterDefault = $printer.Properties.default.Replace("0","False").Replace("1","True")
                                        FilterGroup = $printer.Filters.FilterGroup.Name
                                        GPOType = "Group Policy Preferences"
                   #Get Deployed Printers
                   [xml]$xml = Get-GPOReport -Id $GPOID -ReportType xml
                   $User = $xml.DocumentElement.User.ExtensionData.extension.printerconnection
                   $Computer = $xml.DocumentElement.computer.ExtensionData.extension.printerconnection

                        foreach ($U in $User){
                            if ($U){

                                    New-Object PSObject -Property @{
                                        GPOName = $GPODisp
                                        PrinterPath = $u.Path
                                        GPOType = "GPO Deployed Printer - User"


                        foreach ($C in $Computer){
                            if ($c){

                                    New-Object PSObject -Property @{
                                        GPOName = $GPODisp
                                        PrinterPath = $c.Path
                                        GPOType = "GPO Deployed Printer - Computer"


This was done very quick, will probably do some things a bit nicer later on. If you find any direct issues or bugs, let me know!