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Geek tip: Top 10 shortcut commands to remember!

In the shadow of all PowerShell stuff, I’d like to share some old, but very good information with you guys.

I like knowing exactly where I’m going and I like getting there fast. Therefore, I’ve learned the file names of the most common OS utilities I use. (And yes, I might be a bit reactionary 🙂 )

Many of them are nowdays in the Win+X menu, but sometimes its nice just typing where you want to go.

  1. ncpa.cpl – Network Connections – This was once very easy to find, but in Vista and above they made it very hard to get there.
  2. certlm.msc – Local Computer Certificates – as this is something I use every day, it’s very nice to actually get there directly (only works in 8/2012 and above) (certmgr.msc for User Certificates)
  3. lusrmgr.msc – Access Local users and Groups directly
  4. appwiz.cpl – Add remove programs (turn Windows features on or off is optionalfeatures.exe)
  5. firewall.cpl – Windows Firewall
  6. compmgmt.msc –  Computer management
  7. sysdm.cpl – System Properties (change computer name, join domain etc. (but please, use POSH for that if possible)
  8. wuapp.exe – Windows Update (very useful in 8/2012 and above)
  9. eventvwr.exe – Event Viewer
  10. mstsc.exe – Remote Desktop Client (everyone knows about this one, I hope).
    In Windows 8 and above, you have to start it with <shift>+<enter> instead of just <enter> if opening more than one window.